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an animated short by Derek Hayes and Phil Austin

SKYWHALES, completed in 1983, is a short animated film that creates an entire world, down to the plants and animals clinging onto the edges. It is a world of floating islands, inhabited by a race of green creatures who hunt the Skywhales, using fantastic air-balloon ships and harpoon pods. It is a window onto an alien way of life--language, culture, taboos... in your humble editor's opinion, it is as complete a picture as a short film has ever painted, and its final revelations are nothing short of haunting.

This site will soon have images from the film; there is already general information on its creators and how to find it. If the producers and other rights-holders allow, this site may even eventually have sound or video clips from the film. Like the creatures of the story, that's all up in the air.

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NEW!!!! More "Skywhales" images, courtesy of Derek Hayes, co-director of Skywhales.  Click on the link below, or "Pictures" in the Navigation Bar above.